The EB-5 program began in the 1990s, to encourage foreign investors to invest in the United States and create American jobs in exchange for the U. S. Green card. EB-5 is an investment visa leading to a Green Card, where the applicant is required to make $900,000 to $1,800,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees of investment in a new venture or in rural or economically less developed areas or in Government designated regional centers with the aim of generating jobs, generally at least 10 full time jobs.

In order to handle all the legal aspects of your EB–5 you need a lawyer who would have an expertise in immigration laws, having a thorough understanding of the immigration law and practices. These lawyers could be practicing immigration law exclusively or could have stricken a balance between immigration law and general practice and be practicing both or may be practicing for some private law firm or be professors in some university or be independent consultants.

A good Immigration Attorney

A good immigration lawyer or attorney should have attended a lot of seminars and conferences, besides excellent practical experience. During these seminars and conferences a lot of updates and experiences get shared. It is like they say learning from experiences, but not just yours. It also helps get seen around and build a reputation and a name for the lawyer.

It is essential for a good immigration lawyers (actually any lawyer in general), to make the people aware of his knowledge and expertise, treating everybody as a potential client in general, you never knows who and when would become the next client. This calls for good marketing and advertising. If the people don’t know that such a lawyer exists, they will never approach him for anything.

For a lawyer just starting out in the practice and beginning to build a reputation, it is best to be associated with an already famous and reputed immigration lawyer to be able to grow under the credibility and the name of the well-respected and sought-after lawyer. Moreover, if the person plans to make it big in the business, it would be to establish a wholesome practice instead of an individual gig by bringing on board experts like securities law attorney, economists, business planners, technical writers, business analysts, etc.

It would also be needed to be found if your bar allows you to charge a finder’s fee for finding a project for the investor to invest in to be eligible for applying for an EB–5. There would also be operational and overhead costs to maintain the necessary support staff and handle all the documentation.

Why you need an EB–5 Lawyer?

An EB–5 application process is complicated and has legal ramifications for everything. As a foreign investor you may not always understand all the nitty-gritty of the process and it is always in the best interest to leave the experts to do it for you, which is where the need for an immigration lawyer or an EB–5 lawyer arises. An EB–5 lawyer would ensure that the project and the application and all its details are all completely compliant with the regulations and rules laid down. For any mistake that is made or any line that is crossed or any information that is found to be false and incorrect, the applicant could be facing legal prosecution, and you need an EB–5 lawyer to avoid that.

An EB-5 lawyer should make you feel confident that he has the necessary expertise and knowledge and that your application is in the right hands. It is a visa application after all, no small thing by any means, so any moment you feel anything fishy or do not feel that confidence inside you, give up and change the lawyer if you feel so, or take it up with your current lawyer. You may not get sure-shot guarantees or anything, but you should live in uncertainty all the time either.