EB-5 Visa for International Students

The USA always been the student’s for the education purpose. The standard of university and the level of knowledge have attracted many students. With the time the difficulties to get into the universities has been raised and the procedures too. The foreign students used to use the F1 and H1-B visa programs to make their way to USA.

EB5 Students on Graduation Day

Recently the EB-5 program turned out to be the blessings with some features like less hassles in the proceedings and lower tuition fees. The basic requirements of the programs are 2 , first the person needs to make the investment of US $900,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in to USA following the norms of the EB-5 programs and second , the investment should be made in such manner that it should create the 10 full time employment opportunities.

Here are top 3 benefits you can avail through the EB-5 program, if you are a foreign student.

1. Cut down the hassles

The EB-5 program cuts down the waiting period as compared to other visa programs students opt for. While the visa programs like EB-2 and EB-3 visas take years in proceeding and working, the EB-5 program turns the years into 19-24 months. By opting the EB-5 program can also reduces the frustration and waiting period worries.

2. Better employment opportunities

The job hunting in USA can be really difficult if you are not the green card holder. Also if you are the international student on the F-1 visa, you hardly get the period of 3 month to find out the job and attempt the further procedure required for the citizenship of the USA. The failure to submit the registration of citizenship with USCIS within 3 months can lead you to leave the country. While there are very few companies which are offer sponsorship for H-1B visa. Also, Those who are the part of the EB-5 visa program do fall within the definition of residents for the job purpose. So it turns out to be easy to find job for students after graduation.

3. Less tuition fees and higher chances to get admission

While the competitive level is rising day by day for the education level of USA, the foreign students are facing the difficulties in getting the admissions. The ratios of the survey show that resident students do enjoy the better amount opportunities than the foreigners. Apart from the admission difficulties, another problem is fees amounts or the sponsorships regarding it.

If you are the person enrolling through the EB-5 program, you would be counted as the deemed resident for the admission purpose which means there are high chances to get admission in desired university. Also, lower tuition fees are another perk of EB-5 visa program, which cut downs your financial worries.

The above are the some benefits of the EB-5 program for the foreigner students. It will give you worry-free studies and bright future.