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Chile is moving towards from the developing country to the developed courtiers’ list. With economic growth and high GDP, the country is turning out to be a good trader across the time. Chile owes a good business relationship with the USA and same turned out to be the reason for the moving in the USA.

The USA offers a different kind of business visas for the Chile citizens like E-1, E-2 and L visas. However, in the case of both E visas, they belong to a non-immigrant category and the L visas are issued only in case of certain qualified businesses. Chileans got another special category visa H-1B1 visa for professionals subject to some documents and legal conditions and offers few job opportunities in various industries. However, these hassles of E and L visas can be neglected through applying for the EB-5 program as the same offers business opportunities to Chileans without any qualifying criteria.

EB-5 Visa Requirements

The person can make the investment of US $1.8 million or US $900,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees as per the requirements in any business in the USA which should be resulted in the 10 or more full-time job creation in the USA workers. Also, on such investment one also get the choice to be active or inactive business partner. Learn more.

The Process

The investor should select the EB-5 business project, which can be either new commercial enterprise or troubled business. In the I-526 petition, the investor should provide the details regarding the amount and its lawful resources along with other details as asked by the authority. On approval of petition i.e. On submission of business records and evidence, the investor becomes eligible for the conditional residency. The investor should file form I- 485 or DS-230 as per the location of himself to avail the conditional residency. The last step of the process is filling I-826 for the availing of unconditional permanent residency. Learn more.

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