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About EB-5 Visa Program

An individual investor from Vietnam who wants to settle in the U.S. and obtain a green card and citizenship can consider the EB-5 Visa Program. The program was formed in the year 1990 by the U.S. Congress to assist the country’s economy through capital investment and job creation by foreign investors. The full meaning of EB-5 Visa is ‘Employment Based Fifth Preference Visa’. This program offers multiple benefits to investments from these investors.

Benefits of EB-5 Green Card to Foreign Investors

The foreign investors can get various benefits from the EB-5 Visa.

The EB-5 Investment Visa Requirements

An investor has to invest an amount to begin a business for profit in the U.S.A. The minimum capital investment can be about US$1 million or US$500,000. The options are:

EB-5 Visa Process

A proof of the investment must be shown by the investors to the authorities to assist them to determine about the legal legitimacy of the investment and required documents.

Once the EB-5 Visa application is submitted and approved, the foreign investors and their immediate family receive conditional residency for 24 months (2 years). Once the conditions of the USCIS are fulfilled, they can apply for permanent residency removing all the previous conditions.

An EB-5 visa applicant can invest in a number of businesses. The applicant investor can choose to invest directly in a regional center or a new commercial venture. The commercial ventures or structures can include limited or general partnerships, corporations, individual proprietorship, business trust or publicly owned business entity.

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Future of EB-5 Visa

Experts agree that the future of EB-5 visa is good as more foreign investors are now aware about this program and its benefits. This program is popular as it has already been successful for generating thousands of local jobs for the U.S. citizens serving the economy. Hotels have benefitted the most out of the EB-5 Visa program as they have proven to be a secured investment platform.

The program has been extended currently until a review is conducted by the present U.S. Government and the Congress. It was also proposed to increase the standard minimum EB-5 investment amount to US$1,800,000, or US$1,350,000 in a TEA

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