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In the world of EB-5 visa, Brazilian nationals are making their mark in the recent years by participating in the scheme. The economy of the country is on the bloom which is resulting in the high net worth individuals as well as high GDP.

Brazil’s cultural and economic ties with the Miami also make Florida as one of the top trading partners of the country seeing the record of last few years. Beyond that, as the EB-5 program do have counts of visa for each country, the Brazilians don’t need to go through the backlog frustrations.

About The Program

EB-5 program is the investor visa scheme introduced by the USA congress in 1990 for the better expansion of the business, higher economic growth and new job creations. Through this scheme, the host country collects the investment and offers the residency in exchange for it.

EB-5 Visa Requirements

The main two condition one need to fulfill is:-

  1. Make the investment of US $900,000 or US $1.8 million plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in the new commercial enterprise depended on if it’s TEA or not.
  2. To create 10 full time or direct job for qualified U.S. workers as per the rules.


  1. The person gets lawful residency for him as well as his spouse and dependent children below 21 years.
  2. He doesn’t need any sponsor or job invitations to get into the USA.
  3. The investor doesn’t need to keep waiting like another visa or face any backlog issues.
  4. Apart from the above, some other perks are free to move anywhere in the country and high-quality education.

Advantages Over Other Visa Programs

Brazilians have visa options like EB-2 and EB-3 type. While these two are quite famous among the country to get USA citizenship, they do have some drawbacks. In case of EB-3 visa, there’s 5 months backlog for Brazil and for an EB-2 visa, one does need the certain qualifications or job qualities. EB-2 also has other requirements like labor certification through the U.S. Department of Labor or additional educations qualifications. However when a person applies for the EB-5 visa neither he needs any job references nor any additional certifications. Also, the EB-5 visa means no waiting period or backlogs.

Another important visa for the Brazilian students is F-1 visa status through which they can study in the USA. However, this visa needs the job sponsors to qualify OPT for students after their completion of graduation. Also, as the OPT lasts for one year only this turn out to be a temporary solution. Another option available is the F-1 visa status, but it can put you in difficulties as there are only 65,000 annual visas, and 20,000 Masters Degree visas against which 236,000 applications made in FY 2017. EB-5 visa scheme turns up to be the easiest way in such cases due to its null competition and fewer hassles of sponsorship.

EB-5 Process

The investor should file the petition to get into the country as the first step of the EB- program. The petition should be made as per the law and includes every detail mentioned in the law. After it, the investor needs to file form i-526 as per laid constitutions and terms. On getting the approval of the i-526, the investor can apply for the green card for him and his family. However, those who are in another country can file the DS-260 form and attend the Visa Interview. After the completion of the interview, the next step is the removal of “conditional permanent resident” through the filling of I-829 form. The form should be filed before completion of 2 years of conditional residency. On completion of the procedure, the investor would be awarded the 10-year green card. Learn more about how to apply for EB-5 Visa.

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