EB5Visa, LLC. invites immigration agents and EB-5 representatives of immigration agencies looking for potential EB-5 development projects for their clients to join it.Run by experienced professionals, EB5Visa, LLC. offers an array of safe and financially viable investment projects that ensure both permanent residency and returns on capital. We work in close coordination with authorized immigration agents from all over the world to look for immigrant investors keen on funding EB-5 projects in the US which help them achieve the twin goals.If you are keen to know more about our available EB-5 investment offerings from which you may propose to your clients, please register below or you can also contact us for more details. We will respond to your request promptly.

Benefits for EB-5 Agents

Here are the many benefits that an EB-5 agent enjoys.
  • Finder’s Fee: Many EB-5 agents often associate themselves with certain regional centers. Hence, they are paid a finder’s fee for promoting projects and finding investors.
  • Associate with Investors and Developers: As investors will look not just for projects, but also for proper housing, you can become part of the inner circle by introducing investors to developers who have EB-5 approved projects, as well as high-end residential projects for investors’ personal use. This could mean more financial reward for you.
  • Payment for Services Rendered: As an EB-5 agent, you’ll be doing a lot of paperwork and documentation for your client. This allows you to charge a processing fee, which depends upon the amount of work and the client’s investment.
  • Satisfaction: More than the money involved, EB-5 agents have the satisfaction of seeing a community develop and transform through EB-5 investments. It ensures jobs for the local community, thereby reducing unemployment and crime rates.

Tips for EB-5 Agents to Build Business

Here are some invaluable tips to help EB-5 agents build and further their business.
  • Be Knowledgeable: It is imperative you understand how the EB-5 program can benefit investors, as well as real estate developers. It is only then you can truly market its advantages.
  • Network In this line of work, it is essential to have the right connections. You can do this through association and connection with EB-5 lawyers and developers, who have approved EB-5 projects on hand.
  • Market Yourself: Use offline and online methods of marketing your business and yourself. Make sure you highlight yourself as a knowledgeable EB-5 agent, who knows the ins and outs of the EB-5 foreign investor visa program. This will boost your credibility amongst potential investors.
  • Make Time for Investors: It is crucial you make time for investors and answer their queries carefully and precisely. This will make you an authority in their eyes and they will be more likely to go with you than anyone else.