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EB-5 advisors are the financial analyst, statisticians and economists that provide EB-5 regional center project comparative analysis reports for the foreign investors based on various topics. This topic includes job creation methodology, risk factors, strategic plan, risk mitigation, exit strategy, management, escrow, safety return and many other things. These financial advisors have developed a plan to quantitatively assess the risk involved in main questions of EB-5 project investment decisions. The main questions are listed below:

Is there a probability that jobs will be created within the given time and those jobs will directly acceptable to the USCIS?

What is the probability that the principal amount will be returned at the term?

The experimental analysis helps the foreign nations with the information they need and thus in turn will help them to make smart investment decision for them and their family. There are many advisors that offer these services and help the foreign nationals to choose the appropriate regional center that match with their specific needs. There are many cases where potential EB-5 visa applicants have to focus on only one aspect of the regional center or visa and ignore other major issues. Thus the applicants have to be careful in choosing the right financial advisor. They cannot afford to lose their $900,000. We at EB5Visa.com help you throughout your visa application process and guarantee you to provide the best financial advisor that can assist you in getting the United States green card.

Our advisors are leading financial analysts that visit the regional centers multiple times to check the whereabouts. They spend enough time in visiting proven regional centers and are aware about the latest updates regarding the program. They have a detailed visit record that can help them to analyze which regional center works best for you. Contact our advisors to get the paramount guidance and get you a United States green card soon.