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Taiwan is the slowly reducing its dependence on China and taking baby steps towards being the developing country. As the results of economic movements, the number of high net-worth individuals is rapidly increasing. Due to the high-quality educational facilities and desire to escape from the political issues, many citizens of the country are choosing to be immigrants in the USA.

Those who want to move to the USA have different options like visa F1 for students and H-1B for a job through the sponsors. However, these types of visa come along with tons of legal requirements and conditions like for those who are applying visa for the job needs to submit the certificate from the USA department of labour. The EB-5 visa program comes in handy in these cases where the visa seeker is interested in doing rightful investment in the USA for the benefits of an economy.

EB-5 Visa Requirements

The person needs to invest a sum of US $900,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in the new commercial enterprise in the Targeted employment area or rural area. The investment should be made in such a manner that it results in the creation of 10 full time jobs for the USA citizens. Learn more for the full details of EB-5 visa eligibility and requirements.

The Process

The process starts with the filling of the petition by the investor expressing the will to invest in the business and also stating the facts like sum of investment, sources of the money and other required data by the embassy. On completion of a successful petition, the investor files i-526 which states that all requirements of the schemes are fulfilled and also provides the evidence of it. The procedure also has one interview for the investor while filling the forms and plays an important role in denial or issuing visa. The last step of the process is filling form I-826 by the investor. On approval of the form, investor and his dependent family get the green card or are the permanent residents of the USA.

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