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EB-5 attorneys are an integral part of the EB-5 Visa program. These attorneys work regularly with the applicants, projects and regional centers to ensure the USCIS requirements are fulfilled. The immigration attorney has expertise in helping people to achieve permanent residency status and US citizenship. They have an extensive background and knowledge of US immigration laws and thus, they are the perfect source to help the applicants in getting their permanent residency status through the EB-5 Visa Plan. The attorney helps the applicants in preparing their application, completing the documentation process and help them thoroughly for the EB-5 Visa plan. Under the law, the applicant should prove that their investments will help the US economy to create 10 full time jobs, directly or indirectly and the investment money comes from a legal source.

An Immigration attorney also helps the applicants in deciding which kind of commercial venture and investment qualify for the EB-5 Visa status. The attorney can also tell the applicant if the company really meets the Federal rules and regulations.

Choosing the right EB-5 attorney is vital for the overall EB-5 Visa application process. A competent attorney helps the applicants in dealing with the legal technicalities of the visa process. To get an approved visa application, it's necessary for the applicants to work with an immigration attorney who has prior USCIS experience. The attorneys are completely involved with the application in every phase throughout the entire process. Above all, an applicant invests a large amount of money into a US Company to get the permanent residency, thus it's a necessity to hire a trustworthy and experienced attorney.

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