Importance of DS-230

The form DS -230, is an application for an immigration visa and Alien registration, after availing the approval of i-526. The immigrant is seeking for the conditional permanent residence, the same can be done by the filing of DS-230 along with other additional forms such as I-130 in case of family visa, the form DS-3202 which will allow you to choose your agent and after that your petitioner should file the form I-784 with affidavit supports. DS-230 is the first step to be the resident.

How to file DS-230

The form DS-230 is mainly divided into two parts,

  1. Biological Data
  2. Sworn Statement

Biological Data

This part requires for filing with the below information like:-

  1. Name of the Immigrant and family members
  2. Current and potential address of residence
  3. Occupation ( you also need to provide the details of the jobs you had done for past 10 years )
  4. Residential details after you have completed 16 years
  5. Previous military service
  6. Details of previous visits

Each of the above documents should be supported with the original and latest amended -documents.

Sworn Statement

This section contains the details regarding the following facts where you authenticate the following details:-

  1. You have followed US health regulations and don’t have any threat to the health of people
  2. You don’t consume drug or part of drug trafficking
  3. You aren’t spy or terrorist or affiliated with a totalitarian political party
  4. You have gone through all necessary certification procedures and eligible for US residency
  5. Had not tried to enter the US fraudulently or deported from Us
  6. You respect the law of the country and don’t plan to break it

The above form should be filled for immigrant and each family member. Further, you need to file medical and criminal papers as evidence for the same.

Download DS-230 Form From U.S. Department of State

Essential tips to file DS-230

The followings thing should be to keep in mind while filling the form.

  1. Note down the name and NVC case number on the right-hand side of the each paper.
  2. While filling form don’t leave any questions unanswered, the answers should be true and fair.
  3. Double check the address, note the correct address with zip code.
  4. The only first part of the form should be signed. The second part should be signed before immigrant office while visa interview.