The EB-5 visa program has gain a lot of popularity and foreign visitors are showing their interest in migrating to United States. But, this program is not for all investors, thus be careful with your applications. The EB-5 visa plan is only for investors that have high net worth and are wealthy retirees or businessmen who wants to make a big investment in a foreign land. The main aim of the EB-5 visa investors is to either summon up on the capital investment or get a green card. To get a permanent visa, the investors need to be very much cautious and choose the perfect EB-5 investment tool.

The EB-5 plan is divided into two categories: the EB-5 traditional program and the regional center program. Under the traditional plan, the investors have to make $1,800,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees direct investments into any business. The investor should be responsible to create 10 full time jobs directly or indirectly. On the contrary, under the regional center program, the developers are permitted to collect the foreign investor’s investments into a limited partnership. This investment can be further invested in good eligible projects which are directly approved by the USCIS. Under the regional center plan, the investments made are under the high unemployment area and thus the amount is $900,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees, low as compared to the traditional plan.

A great exponential growth has been reported in the number of regional centers over the past few years. In the year 2008, there were only 20 regional centers worldwide. Whilst, there are nearly 22 regional centers approved only in Florida today. Nationally there are 173 regional centers approved in the 40 states. Choosing a regional center is a tough job and the applicants need to have a lot of patience. In many cases, the experience attorneys do the job of choosing the regional center for their clients. Below are the few suggestion, investors should follow for selecting the right regional center.

Go with the Experience: Experience works the best in most of the cases. There are only some regional centers that have I-829 approvals and the USCIS don’t have the statistical track records of the regional centers. Thus it’s better to go with the experience and choose the regional centers accordingly. Investors can look for I-526 and I-829 approval in the regional centers.

Check the Administration: Before making the investment, the investors need to check the administration and further invest. The investment can be risky if the administration fails in project completion. Further, one also needs to check on the general team experience, successful project completion etc.

Job Formation: Before choosing the regional center, check their job formulation strategy. Evaluate their style and check how many direct jobs they have created. This is a must to check before choosing the right regional center.

Has the Regional Center been Invested: Before plunging into the regional center, the investors need to check whether the center has been successfully tied to the investor or not? Mostly they are not and the fact is that they should be. The investors can also take help from experience attorneys or financial professionals to verify the investment made.

To achieve success, three things are needed. The investors should have attentiveness; the immigration lawyer should be an expert and an experienced regional center. With all these three things, investors can surely get good return on their investments and a permanent entry to the United States.