EB-5 is an investment visa leading to a Green Card, where the applicant is required to make $900,000 to $1,800,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees of investment in a new venture or in rural or economically less developed areas or in Government designated regional centers with the aim of generating jobs, generally at least 10 full time jobs.

The visa application and fulfillment of requirements for the visa is not an easy process, and EB-5 in particular is a complex and confusing process. Filling up the entire I-526 with accurate details, while ensuring that you are being truthful and nothing is going against you, could be a Herculean task, leaving you drained and empty; bereft of ideas. This calls for you to be smart, and seek help whenever and wherever required, instead of racking your brains for hours and days, when experts in the field could have done it in minutes. There is no harm in seeking professional help to help you through the visa application process. In fact, seeking help from the service providers could help you save time and effort, while also ensuring that nothing that could be prevented from going wrong, goes wrong.

Some of the expert resources who could help you out with the EB-5 application are –

Legal Help

The immigration legal counselors are one of the most important people to the EB-5 application process. Visa application is a complex legal process and the legal counsel can simplify it for you. America even has a special American Immigration Lawyers Association having over 12,000 attorneys and law professors under its umbrella, who would be practicing and teaching the American immigration law. These lawyers and professors could help you with the petitioning for an I-526, preparing all the required documentation, representing it before the USCIS, etc.

Business Plan Planning and Implementation

Preparing a business plan is an absolute must for an EB-5 applicant, and it is no cakewalk by any means. The business plan needs to be comprehensive while still being compliant with the norms. It has to be extremely professional, describing every minute detail of the proposed project. Any mistake in the business plan could cost the applicant his visa. The applicant may or may not have the relevant experience or hang of it to be able to put together a fully functional and acceptable B-plan. Seeking help helps here. There would not be one single category of professionals but a combination of many. Project advisors would be needed to advise on what would be the best project for you, what region you should invest in, etc. You would need business economists and financial analysts to take care of the economic and financial language that the reviewing committee members of the USCIS who would be reviewing the business plan would be looking for. For a large majority of people who never enjoyed numbers especially complex economic and financial ones, these business economists and financial analysts are like messiahs. An EB-5 applicant would also need help of marketers as the business plan would require comprehensive studies done from the marketing angle like the market research study, competitive analysis, etc. The USCIS will thoroughly verify that a thorough analysis of the marketplace has been done and all factors have been taken into consideration a market research and comprehensive analysis go on to predict the success of the business.

Information Agencies

There are some specific companies and professionals whose sole job is to gather and compile information in a way that it could help users. Such agencies and professionals who deal in visa related information or information regarding the industry, region or the particular project you are planning to invest in, could be a huge help.

Using EB-5 service increases your chances of obtaining an EB-5 visa. It removes the headache of running around for all the documents and fulfilling all requirements. It is alright to be unaware of some things and seek help. All your queries get answered and things get done a lot more professionally and appealingly, as the experts know exactly what the reviewing committee would be looking for and help provide exactly that for you.