immigrant-investor-visa-programThe EB-5 visa is an alternative to H1-B visa. It helps the immigrants who cannot find their way in the H1-B visa list and have to join their work in the American nation. Under this visa, the person gets a permanent residency in the U.S.A. with the Immigrants Investor program. The EB-5 visa allows you to settle permanently in America with your spouse (either husband or wife), and the children aged below 21 years.

Requirements for EB-5 Visa Investor Program

Here are some of the basic requirements that the investors need to fulfill to get a permanent residence in the US.

  • Investing in New Business or that has incurred loss: The recent commercial enterprise under the EB-5 visa has to establish on or after 29 November 1990. The investors should purchase it in such a way that the money invested there shows an increase of 40%. On the other hand, the business that has incurred a loss for 12-24 months period than the investors can invest in these business houses.
  • Investing in Targeted Areas: The Immigrant Investors for obtaining the EB-5 visa should invest the amount of $1.8 million plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in the businesses. At the same time, the people should invest nearly $900,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in the areas that are experiencing unemployment or the rural areas.
  • Creation of full-time jobs for natives: The Immigration Investor should create at least 10 full-time jobs for the people residing in the US. It should be done within the two-years admission of the Immigrant Investor into the country as a conditional permanent resident through EB-5. The full-time job is considered as the job where a person works for nearly 35 hours in a week or more than that and for troubled businesses, the Immigrant Investor needs to create jobs in a two-year period.

Steps to Immigrate through EB-5 Category

Here are some of the valid steps:

  • The Immigrant Investor who files a petition to get into the country through an EB-5 visa should fulfill the requirement laid down under EB-5 visa. It includes the investments in the NCE (New Commercial Enterprise), creation of employment opportunities and has a lawful source of capital.
  • After the approval of I-526 form by the US Immigration, an individual can apply for the green card and his family members too. If the US Embassy situates the person in another country at the time of approval of I-526 form, then they can fill the DS-260 form and attend the Visa Interview in the respective country. The person has to enter the U.S.A before the expiry of the EB-5 visa that should be within six months.
  • The next step is the removal of “conditional permanent resident” and for that, an individual should obtain I-829 form. The Petition should be forwarded before the expiry of the two-year period somewhere around 90 days. With the acceptance of the petition from US Immigration Department, people get the 10-year Green Card.

By going through above requirements and fulfilling the above conditions, people can obtain the Green Card under the EB-5 visa too.