EB-5 is one of the most popular ways for non-American individuals to come to the United States, and live and work there. The foreign investors who are applying for an EB-5 visa get a green card if they invest a certain amount of money into an absolutely new commercial enterprise that would facilitate the growth of the economy of the United States of America. It should be creating at least 10 new full time jobs per investor. For two years, the applicant gets a conditional permit. Upon completion of two years of issuing the conditional permit, if all the conditions of the EB-5 visa, like the minimum investment, the job creation, etc. get satisfied, the conditions laid down on the green card permit are lifted and the applicant and his or her dependents become permanent residents of the United States of America.

One could go ahead and put together an entire project on their own, or the alternative is to approach an EB-5 regional center, and invest the requisite amount into their projects. This is not only very effective but it also has a lot less hassles.

What is an EB-5 Regional Center?

An EB-5 Regional Center is a designated organization that would sponsor the capital investment projects in which the EB-5 investors could invest. The Regional center is designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. A regional center can benefit from the indirect job creation as part of the projects it supports. The regional centers also reduce the difficulties that an applicant faces in being able to meet the qualifying requirements for the EB-5 visa.

An EB-5 regional center acts as a service agent organization bringing together the interested investors and the companies needing the investments. It could be either a private entity or a public one, involved in promoting increased domestic capital, job creation, improving the regional productivity, economic growth, etc.

Advantages of an EB-5 Regional Center

If you are an EB-5 applicant who is more interested in getting a residency status rather than wanting to manage a significant amount of investment, hands-on, full-time, then an EB-5 regional center could serve to help you in a big way.

When an investment is made through an EB-5 regional center, one need not be involved in the day-to-day management of the investment. However, one could still get involved in the policy formation of the fund, after all, it is their money. The fund would generally get organized and put as a limited liability partner or a limited liability company. With this, the individual also gets complete benefits per the State’s Uniform Limited Partnership Act or the Limited Liability Company Act.

By investing with the regional model one gets the freedom to live anywhere in the United States as he or she does not have to be available to manage the fund and the project full time. He or she also gets the freedom to work anywhere they want to as the employment of the applicant is not tied to the investment.

Regional centers are highly professionally managed. For an applicant, the process might be completely new and they may often have no clue about something. However, for a regional center, this is an everyday process. By investing in a regional center one can get all the solutions under one roof, and the coveted permit to live and work in the United States of America as well.