As everyone knows the new political era of US has created many hurdles for the foreign immigrants to make their way to the America. In spite of the strict regulations and laws, there is a remedy to get entry into the US. The EB-5 program, although it may end in September 2017 still there is an opportunity to be permanent residents in the US. By investing the $500,000 in the US business, you can acquire the permanent US citizenship through the investors visa. The following are some points which reflect the benefits of getting the citizenship through the EB-5 visa.

Permanent residency

Usually, the Indians prefer to migrate for various reasons such as quality of lifestyle, the job opportunities, and excellent educational facilities. The EB-5 program offers the green card based on the investment conditions. Further, the same is not subject to any residential restrictions. The investor can move around the country and free to do a job, live and retire in any part of the country. The benefit is extended to the investor, spouse and the dependent children up to 21 years.

Easier than other visa programs

When people applied for the other visa such as F-1 and H-1B Visa, there are plenty of problems they need to face. In the case of student visa and employment visa, there is a long procedure and lots of documents work followed by some government approvals. The sponsor is must in few visas so overall it’s the tough job to get the entrance in the USA. However, the EB-5 visa has lesser problems than the others and it’s the easiest gateway to the USA. For being eligible for the scheme, the investor needs to invest $500,000 in the Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or in Rural Area or $ 1 million in the Non-Targeted Employment Area (Non- TEA) which should ultimately result in the creation of 10 jobs in the US.

The new format will be costlier

Well, as the new resolutions have been passed for the EB-5 visa program, there are plenty of changes which might have problems for the Indian investors. The investment amount may increase and the norms are changed. Further, the program may end in September 2017. So it’s the opportunity for the Indians to make the investment and be the resident of the USA.

Other Benefits

Apart from the above essential advantages there are few more benefits namely,

  • You are the owner of the business, not the manager
  • You get the return (Subject to the risk)
  • You don’t need to follow procedure continuously for the visa qualification status as the other visas

The above are the some of the benefits of acquiring the residence through the EB-5 program;
it’s the time to be the smart investor for Indians!

As you know the perks/ advantages of the EB-5 program, to get more information about it explore the EB-5 visa Advantages

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