H1-B visa has a quota system that makes it hard for the professionals to obtain it for working in the U.S.A. for a temporary period from across the globe as people get visas through a lottery. These professional workers should possess the bachelor’s degree of nearly four years to work in the American nation for a period of six years and more. If the person has filed for the labor certification via petition I-140 or I-485, then authority gives the extension. It is an Adjustment of Status requires filing before 365 days of applying for the extension for H1-B.

What exactly is EB-5 Visa?

EB-5 visa is an alternative to the H1-B visa. People can immigrate to the U.S.A, as many cases remain pending under the H1-B visa system. Moreover, EB-5 visa has lesser complications and waiting time as compared to the H1-B.

Considerable Points for EB-5 Visa as an Alternative to H1-B

The annual quota of the H1-B visa is quite low. It lands many forthcoming employees are rejected while the lottery system is used to choose the prospective candidates as this visa has a shorten deadline too. Here are some of the points that the person has to consider for obtaining the EB-5 visa as a substitute to the H1-B visa:

  • According to latest resolution, the foreign national can obtain the Green Card as a U.S. citizen if a person invests $1,800,000 or an amount of $9,00,000 plus the processing overhead cost, legal and filing fees in a rural area or the higher employment area. This means that the foreign nationals coming under EB-5 visa have to preserve some ten jobs for the U.S. nationals.
  • The EB-5 program has come into news from last seven years. The expert has found it as a replacement to the H1-B visa program. Under this, the foreign nationals can find a stabilize future for their job, kids and their schooling, etc.
  • If your employer terminates the employment, then it becomes impossible to obtain the H1-B visa for permanent residency to the American nation. Whereas EB-5 visa is a direct path, under which there is no such condition to find a new employer to get the Green card. Moreover, after a period of two years, they can even get the “conditional status” removed from their Green Card.
  • The employers may not want their employees to wait for long for the H1-B visa to start working for their company. Therefore, EB-5 visa is a great alternative that is being made for the Citizenship of the country even after a five-year period.

Thus, the EB-5 visa has opened the roads for the foreign nationals to get to the U.S.A and start working at earliest for their employers.