In the aftermath of the 2008 sub-prime crisis, a lot of hotels were left without an option of raising money through issuing bonds or taking out mortgages. In such critical and unfavorable times, the hotels realized that raising money from individuals who had the money to invest, and were interested in immigrating to the United States was a safe and exceptionally good option. The hotels would get the money they needed, and the individuals would get the Green Card they desired.

Today, all major hotels resort to EB–5 financing to raise money for expansion, etc; be it Hilton Worldwide, Four Seasons Hotel, Hyatt Hotels, SLS Hotel, Marriott, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the Ritz Carlton and so many more. The applicants or investors are generally more focused on getting their EB-5 Visas and permanent residencies rather than focusing on the returns that their investments would generate.

The program has turned out to be a good fit for not only potential EB-5 Visa investors seeking a quick route to getting a permanent residency, but also for small and large hotels needing investments. Hotels generate both direct as well as indirect employment, thereby helping meet the necessary criteria. Be it through a regional center program or just as a direct investment, hotels are inviting huge investments from numerous EB-5 applicants from across the world.

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