EB-5 agents help willing investors choose the right investment options available in United States. They help in expediting their immigration into the U.S. by processing their paperwork and ensuring the process goes off smoothly.

If you are wondering what are the benefits of becoming an EB-5 agent or agency, here are two primary benefits that might convince you to become one.

Help Others

This is a wonderful opportunity to help foreign investors understand the intricacies of the EB-5 program and ensure they are guided correctly and smoothly towards achieving their goals of investing in the United States and fast-tracking their permanent residency.

Furthermore, by getting an investor, you will be helping the local community, as the investment will create more job opportunities within the community.

Financial Rewards

There are many foreign investors waiting to get into the United States and invest their money wisely. With your help they will be able to do just that. But, you too will be rewarded for your hard work, as processing EB-5 program applications requires a lot of paperwork.

Some EB-5 agents and agencies also work for real estate firms and EB-5 regional centers and help them find suitable investors. Such agents often also get finder’s fee from these centers for promoting their projects and finding suitable investors.

By running an honest and scrupulous agency, you can earn handsomely by helping prospective immigrant investors fulfill their dream of living and investing in the United States.

Find more about the benefits and tips for EB-5 agents with us and Join as an agent or agency to promote available EB-5 project.

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