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Benefits for EB-5 Agents

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Here are the many benefits that an EB-5 agent enjoys.

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  • Finder’s Fee:

    Many EB-5 agents often associate themselves with certain regional centers. Hence, they are paid a finder’s fee for promoting projects and finding investors.

  • Associate with Investors and Developers:

    As investors will look not just for projects, but also for proper housing, you can become part of the inner circle by introducing investors to developers who have EB-5 approved projects, as well as high-end residential projects for investors’ personal use. This could mean more financial reward for you.

  • Payment for Services Rendered:

    As an EB-5 agent, you’ll be doing a lot of paperwork and documentation for your client. This allows you to charge a processing fee, which depends upon the amount of work and the client’s investment.

  • Satisfaction:

    More than the money involved, EB-5 agents have the satisfaction of seeing a community develop and transform through EB-5 investments. It ensures jobs for the local community, thereby reducing unemployment and crime rates.

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EB5Visa, LLC. is a capital investment firm which is affiliated with Avista Hotels and Resorts. We help foreign investors to get permanent U.S. citizenship through EB-5 Visa investor program.

The foundation of our organization lies in knowledge, experience and integrity. We counsel our patrons interested in immigration to U.S. via EB-5 route on various issues concerning direct investment and investment through USCIS-approved regional centers.

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